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Bafta 2

Sunday 4 December, 17:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 57 min.
Joanna Quinn
Peino Unido, Canadá
16 min.

Beryl, a 59 year old factory worker, is totally obsessed with drawing. Except for her husband Ifor (Beryl's model and muse) the whole family is addicted to something: her son Colin is a tech geek and her sister Beverly is a wildly narcissistic taxidermist. It seems that the obsession is in the DNA of the family.

Cherish Oteka
Reino Unido
25 min.

The Black Cop is a docudrama that explores the experience of a former police officer both as a victim and as a perpetrator of racism in law enforcement. At a time when there is much talk of racial bias within policing, this timely documentary takes audiences into the usually private world of policing, told through an unfamiliar perspective.

Max Barron, Michael Woodward (JONES)
Reino Unido
18 min.

When the citizens of the small farming town of Dobre vote to acquire a mythical creature, democracy comes face to face with reality. A great satire on bureaucracy and belief, Three Meetings is a story about the power of faith and the longing for a better life.