Saturday 3 December, 20:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 54 min.
David Vázquez
30 min.

After leading a student life in Ponferrada, the 24-year-old Edilberto Rodríguez decides to return to the mountains and dedicate himself to herding a herd of goats. With the memory of his grandparents very present, "the last of Arganeo" tells the story of Edilberto, a young shepherd proud of the heritage of his ancestors, and who claims the traditions of some uninhabited places and the memories of a way of life to the brink of extinction.

Almudena Vázquez
4 min.

Two friends meet a guy online to buy a bike. While they wait for him, they organize a weekend at the beach. Agustín calculates the ideal date based on when he gets his period off his girlfriend. Juan, on the other hand, is fine any day, he doesn't know anything about his girlfriend's menstruation nor does he pay attention to those things. Does he really turn you down every month?

Raúl Herrera
20 min.

Emma goes to visit her mother for a few days in her village, a place with idyllic landscapes, which paradoxically makes her agoraphobic due to conflicts in the past.