Tuesday 6 December, 17:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 52 min.
Matteau Samuel, Nolin Yannick, Fournier Guillaume
Canadá, Estados
11 min.

Belle River is a film about Louisiana and its peaceful inhabitants, both threatened with extinction by the onset of the climate crisis.

Océane Lavergne, Benjamin Langagne, Lucas Durot, Pierre Cilluffo, Marine Beuvain, Kerrian Detay
8 min.

The journey of an old man on a bicycle.

Iris Irish
12 min.

Some hens bite each other, others peck their own eggs and, thirsty, drink their yolks. Rebeca’s mother skins the birds silently and her father, with a black eye, feeds them. Rebeca wants to protect them, but she can’t cope with the situation anymore. Tonight, a strangely hot night, Rebeca has decided to run away, leaving behind all this madness called home.

Ivan Ryaskov
26 min.

The unique cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan stands at a crossroad: will we be able to save the ancient crafts and practices which were passed down from generations, or will we lose them in the process of globalization? This serves as a massive challenge to the Kyrgyz youth in the era of Kyrgyzstan's independence.