Thursday 8 December, 17:00 pm
Cine Amor
• 56 min.
Cristina Herrero Laborda
19 min.

Mari is an intersex person in permanent transit that incorporates two perspectives. A fighter and brave, her life has been a constant battle in an almost deserted rural area. From her sincerity, she narrates her day-to-day life, her desires, illusions and anxieties in an attempt to pave the way for those who come after her.

Daniel Soares
21 min.

A life-long farmer reaches the day he is forced to sell his last animal. Emilio, a lonely man in his 80’s, lives alone on his abandoned farm in the portuguese countryside. Everyone close is gone. One ram is all there is left, due to physical incapacity and age, he decides to get rid of it. After the company who was supposed to buy the ram cancels the appointment, Emilio tries to sell it on his own. During this endeavour he is confronted with challenges that show how outdated he has become in today’s world.

Marina Velázquez
16 min.

A look at the daily life of Maria Jesús, a sixty-year-old cheesemaker born in the Baztán Valley (Pamplona). Maria Jesús is the fifth generation of a ranching family and her business has come to an end, her daughters do not want to inherit it. It's time to rent or sell. This is a small goodbye to a lifetime in the countryside, to a whole generation. An exhibition on the work of women in the rural world.