FIC Monterrey 2

Monday 5 December, 20:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 59 min.

Este año Aguilar Film Festival dedica una programación especial al Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey con tres sesiones comisariadas por la programadora mexicana Narce Ruiz.

Emilio Guerra
16 min.

Alejandro visits his grandfather to collect some of his things, and some others that belonged to his late grandmother. After spending a few days in the family ranch, he slowly realizes that many things have changed, and that this is probably the last moment he has left with him.

Anna Lucía Alcalá Pérez
3 min.

Tino finds himself in a mysterious temple, and prepares for a dangerous fight. Without the aid of his sight, Tino must rely on the rest of his senses and be brave enough to face the fearsome Red Dragon, but it turns out that the threat is not what it seems...

Gustavo Gamero
19 min.

Consuelo is the mother of a missing girl. When she witnesses the clandestine burial of a girl by members of the state police, she decides to exhume the body to give her a better burial in the village cemetery with the help of her brother Armando.

Águeda V. Flores
20 min.

Lolyta, lost in time as a ghost. Lolyta, the old women's dress factory. Today, this factory will be recovered as an example of conscious restoration and reuse.