FIC Monterrey 3

Tuesday 6 December, 18:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 53 min.

Este año Aguilar Film Festival dedica una programación especial al Festival Internacional de Cine de Monterrey con tres sesiones comisariadas por la programadora mexicana Narce Ruiz.

Gera Sandoval
1 min.

A kid bored by the museum's exhibition called Beto leaves his uncaring mother behind to wander into the darkest corners of the place until he finds himself in front of the painting of his nightmares.

Christopher Sánchez
17 min.

Sebastian is 24 years old; his mother has terminal cancer and their relationship is in shambles. All he has left in life are memories of better times and fantasies of running away.

Rebeca Cuevas
11 min.

During a move, Inés finds memories that are related to Graciela, her older half-sister, which leads them to their reunion and the confrontation of their fears and decisions.

Alicia Segovia Juárez
23 min.

Three objects are used in ways other than the one for which they were created. Something unheard of happens: these objects are endowed with voice and conscience. In their reflections, the absurd arguments that support and promote domestic violence permeate.