Ríete tú 1

Sunday 4 December, 22:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 54 min.

La risa tiene su espacio protagonista en Aguilar Film Festival. RÍETE TÚ es una sección nueva en el festival que está dedicada a cortometrajes de comedia para disfrutar del cine riendo y reírse viendo cine.

Greta Griniūtė
Lituania, Reino Unido
15 min.

London-based DJ Egle returns to her native Lithuania to celebrate Easter, she finds herself up against more than just music.

Javier Fesser
3 min.

There are things that are hidden even from your best friend.

James Everett
Reino Unido, Estados Unidos
23 min.

It's the pandemic, and Niall and Leah are trying to adopt a baby. The social worker shows up to inspect his property just as he finds his Air BnB guest dead of suffocation. One lie leads to another, leaving them with no choice but to hide the body for when the inspector returns. As they prepare to prove themselves as good parents, Niall must find a way to fight his greatest enemy: his conscience.

Gerald B. Fillmore
Estados Unidos, España
13 min.

Jim is freaking out, he's been in the hospital forever. When the doctor finally arrives with the tests, the results are unexpected. A matter of laugh or die.