Ríete tú 2

Monday 5 December, 22:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 54 min.

La risa tiene su espacio protagonista en Aguilar Film Festival. RÍETE TÚ es una sección nueva en el festival que está dedicada a cortometrajes de comedia para disfrutar del cine riendo y reírse viendo cine.

Jean-Baptiste Canac
20 min.

Wendy lives with her new partner Gary. Vee, her teen daughter, disapproves of this relationship as Gary can be rough with her mother. One day, Vee takes things at hand when an argument between the two adults erupts.

Genís Rigol
14 min.

"He ran alongside his comrade" is a story about an old businessman looking for popularity. He will create problems in people in order to be able to help them.

Ted Hardy-Carnac
20 min.

Emilie has difficulties in life. After numerous failed interviews, this vivacious but awkward 30-year-old finds herself under enormous social pressure and fears that she will lose her home. Naturally, she has high hopes when she is called in for a new interview, but in this future society where she plays by slightly different rules, nothing goes as planned.