SO3 – Official 3

Thursday 8 December, 20:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 58 min.
Marie-Noëlle Robidas
14 min.

January 1998. In the region that will be called the black triangle, we are about to spend a month without electricity or heat. As affected residents gather, a lone woman finds refuge in an abandoned house.

Ulo Pikkov
14 min.

A film about an island and an old woman who has been swept away from her home island by fate. However, when she finally returns home, other people have been living in her house for a long time.

Estíbaliz Urresola
30 min.

The women's choir to which Rita (90) belongs is about to dissolve because they have lost the municipal subsidy that allowed them to maintain the rehearsal space. Now the choir has to decide whether or not to accept the sponsorship of one of the most polluting companies in the valley that would guarantee the continuity of the formation.