SO4 – Official 4

Thursday 8 December, 22:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 58 min.
Suzannah Mirghani
6 min.

This is a satirical review of our time. Suzi doll is a warrior of the ego. My avatar online, walking through the algorithms of social networks. She is lit by a temporary indignation. A trending outrage. Her passion is fashion. A politics of the popular. Her activism is abstract. Her help is hypothetical. We know many girls like Suzi, and many times we are her: empty virtual voices, echoing injustices.

Hugo Covarrubias
16 min.

Inspired by real events, "Beast" enters the life of a secret police agent in the military dictatorship in Chile. The relationship with his dog, his body, his fears and frustrations, reveal a macabre fracture in his mind and in a country.

Velasco Broca
28 min.

An ophthalmologist sees his confession interrupted when the priest who attended him leaves urgently. Postponing his acquittal, he decides to return to his office. Along the way, lost in thoughts of him, he is fatally hit by a car. From that moment on, his immortal soul is thrown into a medieval-looking purgatory populated by grotesque creatures: blemites and devils. Will he be able to remember that the pearl is hidden in the abyss and the sun remains in the pearl?

Špela Čadez
Eslovenia, Alemania, Francia
8 min.

The steak has been marinating for a few days. The pan gets hot. Franc's stomach is growling. But Liza's co-workers surprise her with a birthday party for her. Will she get home she on time?