SO6 – Official 6

Friday 9 December, 20:30 pm
Cine Amor
• 58 min.
Jonathan Laskar
8 min.

An antique music instrument dealer receives a magical vinyl record from a traveller: “It reads your mind and plays your lost memories”. Obsessed by this endless record, the antique dealer listens to it again and again and the forgotten memories of his childhood reemerge.

Raúl Monge
16 min.

Two friends meet one more night on the roof of 29. Life passes them by while they discuss the neighborhood, friendship, the passage of time and betrayal.

Amerissa Basta
Grecia, Francia
20 min.

Michalis has barely 24 hours to redefine his life and make up for his close ones. That same night he meets a girl. He only wishes that the morning never comes.

Alfonso Fulgencio, Jose Luis Farias
14 min.

It seemed like a normal day on the International Space Station, until one of the ship's systems fails. Mar and Petrov, two experienced astronauts, try to repair it, but something never seen before hits them violently, now they just have to try to survive.